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Uganda Women Concern Ministry is an indigenous Christian, interdenominational non governmental organisation (NGO), registration number 9514/552, established in 1991 by Mrs Edith Wakumire, and is incorporated in Uganda as a company with liability certificate No. 41356.

UWCM is a service and advocacy organisation located in a rural setting, 8 kms (5miles) on the Mbale-Tororo Road., Wabukhasa village, Bukhumwa Parish, Bungokho Sub-county, Mbale District, eastern Uganda.

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UWCM began as a women-focused organization but it soon became clear that the needs of children had to be addressed and UWCM has  continued to evolve over the years and other beneficiaries now include men and entire communities.  The primary target group is people living with HIV/AIDS. 



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Although a number of key staff are employed, the work of UWCM is replicated through women’s groups and teams of church-based community volunteers.


These committed volunteers receive training in many skills including how to set up, manage and sustain income-generating projects to restore people’s dignity and independence, and how to care for the most needy individuals or families in their villages. 


Many communities are in the remote foothills of Mount Elgon where access to any other support is minimal or absent.


In 1998, Edith Wakumire was invited to New York to be presented with the United Nations Certificate  ‘to commemorate the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty presented to Edith Wakumire for her achievements, courage and inspiration in contributing to the fight against poverty.’

Edith Wakumire also received the World Vision International Robert W. Pierce Award for Christian Service for the year 2000

Our Achievements

  • Empowered  women's groups with income generating activities and many now run successful micro-finance schemes. Out of the proceeds of these activities, they are able to support their families, meet their children's school needs and support other women in the community. There are currently 15 groups, with 30 members in each group.
  • Many women have been empowered to take on leadership positions at all local government levels.  
  • Several thousand orphaned and vulnerable children have been supported with both formal and vocational educational skills.   
  • Mobilised and trained community volunteers to support People Living WIth AIDS (PLWAs), orphaned and needy children. Currently 13 Community Mobilisation Teams (CMTs) with approx 30 members in each.
  • Received the 1998 United Nations Award for the fight against poverty in the community.
  • Received the World Vision International Robert W. Pierce Award for Christian Service for the year 2000.
  • Supported hundreds of women through UN funded Functional Adult Literacy classes.
  • UWCM is recognised locally, nationally and internationally in the efforts of working in and with rural communities.

UWCM has for the past 25 years been undertaking the following activities:

  • Building the capacity of communities through a participatory approach.

  • Women empowerment through education, skills development, provision of access to resources.

  • Networking and collaboration with other Development Partners.

  • Participatory problem identification and action planning (needs assessment).

  • Community education and capacity building on prevention of HIV and AIDS to mitigate the impact of HIV on communities.

  • Promotion of rights of the most vulnerable groups especially women and children

  • Access Orphaned & Vulnerable Children (OVC) to educational opportunities, care and protection.

  • Community education on the prevention of HIV and AIDS and malaria.

  • Provision of psycho-socio support to OVC.

  • Promoting child advocacy and participation.

  • Local resource mobilization and utilization.

  • Monitoring and evaluation of activities



Vision: A society where the most vulnerable women, children and people living with HIV/AIDS are empowered to live a dignified life.


Mission: To holistically empower the most vulnerable women, children and people living with HIV/AIDS to realize their full potential to live a dignified life. This is achieved by promoting a safe natural environment, basic primary health care, economic empowerment, education and capacity building through grass roots community structures.



  • To empower women, children and their families through education, skills development and provision of access to resources so that they can take action to improve their situation.  

  • To promote the rights of the most vulnerable women, children and people living with AIDS. 

  • To contribute towards influencing policies, structures and attitudes that oppress people living with AIDS, creating an enabling environment for them to lead fulfilled lives.

  • To promote access to educational opportunities especially for female children and vulnerable women  


  • Dignity: We recognize the uniqueness and intrinsic (inherent) worth of every person above all things.

  • Integrity: We shall consistently serve our people with honesty, truthfulness, fairness, transparency, accountability, due diligence and responsibility.

  • Innovativeness: We believe the best practices are never static therefore open to creativity and cost effective approaches that can speed up the process of improving quality of life of the vulnerable persons.

  • Team Work: We shall promote team effort, interdependence and trust in the execution of our duties and build on the partnership to achieve our set goals.

  • Cognitive to Diversity: We recognize the richness of diversity of Human beings, culture, attitude, beliefs, values and developmental approaches.

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