International Program for Elimination of Child labour

Elimination of the worst forms of child labour project in Mbale District in partnership with International Labour Organization (ILO)/International Program for Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC)   (2012-2014)


This project started in March 2012 for the period of two years with the aim of identifying and preventing child Labour and its effect in selected areas. The objectives were to:  set up social protection mechanism to provide safety for children and families against engaging children in child labour, withdraw children from the worst forms of child labour, rehabilitated and provided with better alternative for survival, prevent the likely children from engaging in child labour by placing them to school, and protecting those who continued to work with protective gears from hazards while working.

We identified stone quarries and rice growing areas where children are engaged in child labour work for survival due to high poverty levels. In consultation with community leaders, communities were mobilized, sensitized about the dangers of child labour and they formed community volunteers to continue the process and provide counseling and support to the project. Nearby six schools were identified as stakeholder in support to prevent child labour. Children, teachers, School management committees, Parent-Teachers Associations, community Child Labour Committees were trained on issues  and dangers of child Labour  and urged to participate in the fight against Child Labour.

By the end of the Project, 300 children were identified and put back to universal primary schools (UPE) and Universal Secondary Schools (USE), 100 Children were withdrawn from Labour, rehabilitated and relocated to vocational skill training and provided with startup kits and 200 children protected with protective wears to reduce hazards while working. 125 families were identified, trained in Income Generating Act ivies and given a start up support to enable them prevent sending their children to child labour.

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