Local Anti-Malaria Project Support

Local Anti-Malaria Project Support (LAMPS) In Partnership with Christian National Evangelistic Council (CNEC)/Partnership International in Australia  (2007-2010)

This project was aimed at reducing malaria prevalence among the children under five years and pregnant mothers in 56 villages in Bungokho sub-county. Through collaboration and involvement of key stakeholders (the communities by formation of Fight Malaria Committees, Community leaders, Local Government Health sector-Health Centers, NGOs and Community based organizations and the Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Laboratory in Wandegeya- Kampala for mosquito repellant). 

teaching in village

In this project, communities were mobilized, sensitized and participated in the baseline survey, planning, implementing and evaluating of the of malaria surveillance in these villages. Fight Malaria Committees were set and trained in basic facts in malaria, methods of prevention, sensitizing families of the need to know symptoms and signs of malaria, medical service seeking behavior, proper use of nets and promotion of natural appropriate technology of mosquito repellant for the families was tried and it worked. 1044 household were reached where 2605 children under five years and 234 pregnant women were reached with services. 9885 Long lasting and treated Mosquito nets were distributed in communities.

teaching use of nets

By the end of the Project, 31 percent lowered malaria prevalence and 60 percent pregnant women were attending Antenatal Clinic (medial service seeking). There was increased collaboration and networks for Uganda Women Concern Ministry and The Local Government Health sector, NGOs and CBOs in the catchment area, the communities, Barclays Bank Mbale in Social Responsibility support by providing bicycles for the Fight Malaria Committees, and the National Therapeutics department in the area of appropriate technologies developed a local mosquito repellant.

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