Community Mobilisation Teams
Bulaago CMT group photo

Community Mobilisation Teams (CMTs) are teams of volunteers, trained by UWCM, to extend their work into the many rural communities around Mbale and the foothills of Mount Elgon.  Team members are drawn from the villages, usually through church connections; they form a committee and then commit their time, skills and resources to serving the most vulnerable families in their local area. 

community outside house

These families are in great need, struggling with sickness, bereavements and/or extreme poverty and include both frail elderly individuals and 'child-headed' families of young orphans or abandoned children.  There is no government support available for these marginalised people.  The support offered by CMTs includes regular visits to give physical, emotional and spiritual care alongside practical assistance such as gifts of food and clothes, or even rebuilding a traditional home.

Bupoto CMT larger

UWCM assists CMTs in their initial set-up and structure and offers the teams training in many skills including HIV/AIDS care and prevention, basic counselling skills and the management of income generation activities.  The team identifies one or more ways of raising local income to support their work through projects such as poultry or goat rearing, growing cash crops.

There are currently 13 CMTs with about 25 members per team.  Their activities and effectiveness vary, but the dedication of many teams is truly humbling. For example, Bupoto team (pictured)now supports 160 vulnerable children and 13 PLWAs (people living with AIDS).  The team raises money through cattle rearing and cultivating tomatoes.  The children are assisted to buy essential school uniform and exercise books.  The PLWAs are given money to pay for transport to access their antiretroviral treatment and are offered emotional and spiritual support.  The team also collected and distributed 300Kg maize and 100Kg beans to needy families as both food and seeds for planting.

Betty outside house

This house was constructed under Bupoto CMT for a needy family of Betty Khwaka .  She was staying in someone’s house who was coming back later in the year and so she had nowhere to take her six children.  

Read Betty’s story below:

My name is Betty khwaka Nabanga.  I am in too much sorrow with children since my  husband ran away from the family and left us with children I don’t know where  he went since then. My children keep moving from place to place without proper feeding and schooling. One of the my children met a CMT member from Bupoto CMT and after sharing some of the challenges the family is facing he was touched and bought some books for her and encouraged her to continue with going to school. I was also encouraged to get any assistance like buying uniforms and books to enable all children to continue with school.

I am so happy now that I was provided with a home and my children are equally too happy. I thank God who has worked a miracle to enable me have a home like other people. I thank Bupoto CMT for the good work done. God bless UWCM.

I thank all people who have been supporting us and I pray that you continue helping other people who are in the same need like me.

God bless you. Amen.

A Person Living with Aids (PLWA) under a CMT:   Bulaago Community Mobilisation Team supported a PLWA widow of 5 children and also a child headed family with donations to purchase land.  These families were landless and depending on well wishers. 


They were very appreciative to UWCM for this support and with a lot of excitement the widow said,


“O God why do you love me so much? Who knew that I a mere woman would own land? Thank you God for your word says you are a husband of the widows and a father to the orphans. I did not know what this meant. However, from today I have learnt that you work through people and I wish I could talk and you respond as I hear. Thank you God for UWCM and for the CMT. I know that I will soon die, nevertheless I am dying in peace because my children now have a plot of land of their own. Thank you God for you are my husband forever. Whatever I will need, I will always ask you to provide.”

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